Thursday, February 24, 2011

3D..............Book or when the story begin

You are may be already have or going to purchase 3D camera,player or TV, but this story is very old.
During the mine childhood there was 3 dimensional books known as pop-up books with movable parts in it.
Full history about this books you can find in University of North Texas page
Mine experience in such books become with Voitech Kubasta books and Russian books from Malish publisher
The science of making pop up books are known as paper engineering
and have a lot of fans and designers all around the world
Mark Hinter - British paper engineer
Bulgaria is proud with Anton Radevski modern paper engineer

Marshall Alexander is another paper engineer

paper engineering and eBay offers a huge variety of pop up books and paper engineering
How this amazing books look like you can find in digital collection of Broward county Florida

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